Friday 4:00pm - A Quick One

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Friday 4:00pm - A Quick One

Postby brian » Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:08 am

Hot wired an LDR module onto the front end of UTS linestage. It's the top centre module. LDR uses attenuated light to control a light sensitive potentiometer. One problem is they are a limited in the level of attenuation so we've implemented relay to mute output when completely turned down. These are matched to 0.5db with 4 pcs LDR for stereo channels.

They need 5-6vdc to power the module and an external pot to control the illumination level.

One module + pot +5vDC can be used in place of a typical potentiometer.

Will report more as we go.

Have a good weekend.
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