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Turntable Bearing

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:40 am
by brian
-True Inverted construction. Ceramic ball bearing sits at the same plane as the drive belt, giving perfect alignment and bearing stability.
-Optimal lubrication. Oil feeder channels constantly push oil into the top section of the bearing for minimum rotational friction losses.
Hollow spindle allows adding lubricant from the top

-nylon bearing plate at the top of the bearing case
-ceramic ball
-non-magnetic spindle
-non-magnetic phosphor bronze bearing case, nickel plating

the materials were chosen for their mechanical and tonal characteristics. This particular Japan-made phosphor bronze is very expensive and is used by a famous saxophone manufacturer, whose instruments are made from it in their entirety and are known for their deep rich tones. Remember that a turntable is a mechanical device and each material used contributes to it tonal balance - especially so the bearing.

Bearing fits 37mm thick platter, is 20mm in diameter and with a hollow spindle that extends 20mm from top of bearing.

Picture shows the bearing case before/after plating.

Includes: spindle, bearing casing, ceramic ball, nylon thrust pad, mounting bolt (extends up to 18mm for mounting in 1mm thick base)

I installed one in our well run-in demo BIX and had to turn back the speed a bit so very nice fit on these.