Ergo-Ella: Slam Dunk!

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Ergo-Ella: Slam Dunk!

Postby brian » Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:56 pm

On the right:
All the AC stuff - IEC connector, transformers, power switch
power transformer matrix:
-1 large one for B+ and 2 small ones for filament supply
- terminal strips allow easy switching and adding/subtracting voltages for many circuits, KT88/2A3 PP, 300b or what-have-you SE

On the left:
All the DC stuff - FCUPS (film cap universal power supply), ABS (active bias supply), input filter caps
- FCUPS: all film caps power supply in a package comparable in size to toxic electrolytics.
- electronic choke on board with equivalent 500h allows use as virtual battery supply.
- ABS modules. These lock the bias of each tube so anode current is in perfect balance so no DC goes across the OPT core.
- FCUPS/ABS Protection Link. Any fault with a tube - runaway, whatever, Protect shuts dowe B+

Down the middle:
All the signal stuff
- includes adapter plates so completely configurable from 6 to 8 tube, SE or PP, octal, UX4, noval or blank out one section with included cover plate.

More tomorrow. Playing now. Ella would say: "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got swing." Wish she was here to hear this.

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Ergo-Ella: Slam Dunk 2

Postby brian » Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:57 am

The Top Side

- main power transformer under the vented cover
- 2 filament transformers under the forward cover
btw, our heater voltages were running a bit high but all other voltages spot on. With separate filament transformers (and 105+10+10 x 2 primaries) tweeking the voltages is just a matter of changing a bus wire on the primary side. So EZ.

- 2 film caps for loading the input or output of the FCUPS power supply. We are running in virtual battery mode so we put the film caps on the input side
- Output transformer covers (4/8/16ohm standard)

- 2ea x ECC88, 6SN7 and 4 ea EL34
- there are 8 holes in the top deck and each one can handle octal/9-pin/UX4 sockets with the adapter plates. Also blanking plates for SE driver + power tube x 2 configurations.

So far we've built up a 300b/CCS6SL7/5AR4 x 2 and been running that one for about 6 months. Now the Ergo-Ella as shown. Next we'll do a 2A3 push pull (Ergo-Joplin).

How does the Ergo-Ella sound? Getting the measure and will report more later...but, mama-jama! this is the most dynamic and quiet amplifier we've ever had here. This is not a difference measured by shades. We were playing La Folia and when those pistol shots rang out, everyone jumped! And everyone here is pretty much used to that piece. Maybe it's the virtual battery mode? First time we've run the FCUPS that way. The bamboo is adding some nice tone too....well let's leave something for next time.

BTW, I haven't priced this out yet so can't answer that question yet. The buildup diagrams are being drawn up now and we have stock.

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